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Tools for grading, scheduling, and sharing information Lets students keep track of what's happening at school Lets parents stay informed about their child's progress
 Grade Any Time Anywhere
 Compute Term & Final Grades
 Use Assignment Weighting
 Track Attendance
 Create Class Website
 Publish Assignments Online
 Run Full Range of Reports
 Import and Export Data
 Access Class Website
 Review Assignments
 Communicate with Teacher
 Track Student Progress
 Review Class Schedule
 Get Class Information
 Check PTA Information
 Online Permission Slips
 Access Class Website
 Check Assignments Online
 Communicate with Teacher
 Track Your Grades Online
 Review Class Schedule
 Get Class Information

Subscription rates are per teacher. There is no extra cost for student and parent accounts. GradeBookWizard subscriptions are available to teachers, schools, and districts. Please contact us for more details on school and district pricing.

 Import Student & Class Data
 Export Term & Final Grades
 Set Grading Standards
 Run School-Wide Reports
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GradeBookWizard is a powerful online gradebook, attendance tracking, and class website solution for teachers, schools, and districts. Teachers can access their gradebook from any PC or Mac with Internet access. They can use their class website to post assignments, instructions, grades, announcements, and handouts for students and parents to access through individual, secure logins.

GradeBookWizard allows teachers to spend less time on administrative tasks, parents to stay more informed about their children's progress, and students to become more motivated. Click on any of the topic areas above to learn more about how GradeBookWizard can help you!

At the district or school level, GradeBookWizard allows grading criteria, such as grade scale percentages, to be standardized across all classes. Student records are centralized so that student information is entered only once. Student data can be loaded from a Student Information System, and student grades exported in a variety of configurable file formats.

GradeBookWizard subscriptions are available to individual teachers, to schools, and to entire districts. Substantial discounts apply to district- and school-wide subscriptions.

"This is by far the best online gradebook available on the market today. Nothing else even comes close to the features of GradeBookWizard. Teachers can set up multiple classes with full support for multiple subjects per class, an absolute requirement for Elementary school teachers that no other online grading software has. Each class comes with its own website that is accessible to both students and parents through individual logins. Teachers can use this website to post instructions, grades, announcements, track attendance, and even create custom web pages including graphics and pictures. I highly recommend GradeBookWizard to any teacher at any grade level."                    - E. J. Arias, 4th Grade Teacher

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