Teachers: Publish Assignments Online

Your GradeBookWizard.com class website allows you to publish assignment and homework instructions online for use by both students and parents. Imagine the benefits of having students be able to access homework and assignment instructions from home whenever they want. Parents can keep up to date with what their children are doing in class and provide assistance when needed.

The assignment instructions can contain links to other websites related to the task at hand. You can also include files such as Word or PDF documents that students can download as part of the assignment. You can add notes to further clarify assignment instructions or provide additional tasks during the course of an assignment.

Assignments and homework automatically appear in the schedule that is available to students and parents from the class website. It also includes other events, such as field trips, that you choose to enter.  

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Assignments and Homework:
  • Post assignments and homework instructions to the class website
  • Add assignment notes
  • Include attachment files for students to download
  • Include links to external websites
Class Schedule Features:
  • You have full control over what appears in the class schedule.
  • By default, it includes assignments, homework, and other scheduled events such as field trips
  • Students and parents can browse the schedule up to one month in advance
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