Teachers: Run Reports

GradeBookWizard.com provides a full range of highly configurable reports. Each report provides options that let you determine its contents, level of detail, and other settings such as sort order.

All reports are formatted so that they can printed on a standard printer. There are no problems with columns that run off the right edge of the page. You can also choose to insert page breaks at appropriate intervals (supported by most web browsers).

The range of available reports is continuously being expanded. If you need a report that is currently not available, just let us know!

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Report Features:
  • No separate software required
  • All reports can be viewed online or printed out on paper
  • All reports are formatted to fit on regular (Letter-format) paper without overflowing columns
  • All reports can be configured to determine contents, level of detail, and many other settings
  • Also includes selection of forms for use in your classroom
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