Teachers: Create Class Website

Each class you set up using  GradeBookWizard.com  has its own associated website that can be accessed by both students and their parents. You can use this website to publish assignments, homework, grades, announcements, links to other websites, class schedules, class information, and much more.

Your class website is created automatically for you. There is no programming involved. Our website setup wizard provides you with tools to determine exactly what appears on your website and who can access it. You can create student and parent logins for the website with the click of a single button.

The class website features an intuitive user interface with easy navigation to reach its various components. With the basic subscription you can create up to five custom pages with content that you decide. They can include pictures and graphics, links to other websites, and formatted text. Our friendly design tools make it easy to set up your custom pages - without any HTML coding or other programming on your part.

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Website Features:
  • Automatically created and maintained for each class
  • You can post assignments, grades, announcements, class information, and much more
  • Requires no HTML or programming to set up or maintain
  • Includes five custom pages that you have complete control over
Standard Website Contents:
  • Class announcements
  • Class schedule
  • Assignment instructions
  • Homework
  • Assignment and homework grades
  • Messages
  • Links
  • Class Information
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