Teachers: Import and Export Data

GradeBookWizard.com lets you import student data from other sources and export student grades and other student information in a range of formats. We provide an interface that creates student grade files suitable for importing into the Aeries™ Student Information System by Eagle Software. You can use the export utility to create grade files in almost any format you want. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about adding an interface to your Student Information System.

The screenshot above shows the student information import utility. It can read files in several common formats and lets you map columns found in your input file to data fields in GradeBookWizard.com.

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Import Summary:
  • Import student records
  • Supported file formats include comma-delimited, tab-delimited, and bar-delimited
  • Fixed field-length format
  • Columns in import file are mapped to fields in GradeBookWizard using import utility
Export Summary:
  • Export student grades in delimited or fixed field length formats
  • Interface to Aeries™ using Aeries™ grade import feature
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