Teachers: Communicate with Students

GradeBookWizard.com has an integrated, private email system. Students can exchange messages with you, their teacher, and optionally with each other. Our email system is not open to outside users - meaning no Internet spam! With one click of a button you can send a message to all students (and their parents) in your class. You can request a return receipt that indicates when each recipient read your message.

Students and parents access their messages through the class website. Each class you create automatically has an associated website that you can use to publish assignments, homework, grades, announcements, links, class information, and much more. Most of the website content is created for you automatically - you do not need to know any HTML or remember to update your website with new information during the course of the school year. 

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Messaging Features:
  • Integrated and private email system
  • Exchange messages with both students and parents
  • Optionally allow students to exchange messages with each other
  • You can request return receipt confirmation on any message you send
Website Features:
  • Automatically created and maintained for you
  • You can post assignments, grades, announcements, class information, and much more
  • Requires no HTML or programming to set up
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