Teachers: Communicate with Parents

A very significant benefit of GradeBookWizard.com is its ability to act as an efficient communications channel between you, the teacher, and the parents of your students. Parents can much more easily stay informed about their child's progress. Increased parental awareness translates into fewer surprises at report card time and much more efficient and streamlined parent-teacher conferences.

Thanks to the integrated, private email system, you can easily exchange messages with parents, just like with students. You can use the return receipt feature to make sure an important message is read in a timely fashion.

Parents access their messages through the class website. Parents have additional features available to them through the class website, beyond those available to students, such as online parental approval for field trips and other events.

A particularly useful feature is the ability to designate certain parents as Room Parents, which allows them to assist you with tasks such as grading assignments and homework, maintaining student information, and publishing PTA bulletins.

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Messaging Features:
  • Integrated and private email system
  • Exchange messages with both students and parents
  • You can request return receipt confirmation on any message you send
Website Features:
  • Automatically created and maintained for you
  • You can post assignments, grades, announcements, class information, and much more
  • Parents can provide online approval for field trips and other events
  • Room Parents can assist you with grading and other administrative tasks
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