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System Requirements:
  • PC: XP, Vista, or Win7
  • Mac: OSX
  • Internet Explorer version 7 or later
  • Firefox version 10 or later
  • Chrome version 10 or later
  • Safari version 4 or later
  • Other browsers should work provided they support CSS and JavaScript
  • Minimum screen resolution setting is 800 by 600 has two main purposes: it lets you spend more time on teaching and less time on administrative tasks; and, it lets you communicate with both your students and their parents more effectively. This translates into a significantly improved learning experience for your students, and fewer surprises at report card time.

Students benefit from having online access to assignment instructions and homework - as well as the feedback they receive from reviewing their assignment grades. Informal studies at our pilot schools have shown a significant drop in incidents of missing or forgotten assignments, along with a corresponding improvement in student grades.

Parents benefit from being able to stay informed about what students are doing in class. They can provide assistance by reviewing assignment instructions together with their child. They can also review their child's grades so that they can provide encouragement and support when needed.

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" is fantastic! I can't believe how easy it is to create my own web pages for students and parents to see - and that's in addition to all the time I'm saving doing my grading."  -- S. Schuman

"I'm amazed at how quickly I learned to use - and how much functionality it provides. Grading is a breeze, but more importantly, parents are now much more aware of what we're doing in class." -- M. Gargano

"Thank you! I'm so grateful to have a website like this! It is a great tool to help parents." -- 4th Grade Parent

" has become one of my favorite websites. It has made my life as a parent so much easier! Thank you!" -- 5th Grade Parent


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