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Parent Registration

Use this page to set up an account for yourself so you can access GradeBookWizard for all of your students using a single login. Your login will be your email address - which must be valid and a current email address that you have access to.

Start by entering your email address and choose a suitable password to use. Click on the Validate Password button to confirm your email and password. This also enables the list, below, where you can enter the registration codes and passwords that your school has provided to you. Click the Verify Code button in the list after entering each registration code and password. Please note that each code can only be used once.

You can also use this page to add more codes to a login that you previously have created. Just enter the email address and password that you used, then click on the Validate Password button. This will populate the list, below, with your existing registration codes and allow you to enter more codes on empty lines in the list.

To change your password, enter your email address and current password then click on Validate Password. You will see a Change Password link appear above the Validate Password button.

Your Email Address:
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Password: (Minimum 6 characters)
Registration Codes:
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